Our Story

The story behind Canvas Design Co. goes like this:  A lifetime of crafting and love for oil and acrylic paints was all the inspiration needed.  The result: Classic, handmade stationery and decor that, despite being made with the age-old canvas, with a coating of love, feel absolutely contemporary.

We have tried to blend in canvas with most of our stationery and decor, except with a twist – It is self-textured and grainy and this makes all the difference!

Brand Ethos

With our endeavor to provide the whole gift-giving experience (and the gifts too) more meaning and thought, we introduce to you our loving company, Canvas Design Co. – For all things Canvas. Receiving an actual card, note or even a beautifully packaged gift, all wrapped up in canvas feels warm and authentic!  Our products are not only good for the way it feels when you hold it but are beautiful to look at, eco-friendly and sustainable too.

Our Canvas is certified to be non-toxic (free from all hazardous chemicals) by a government-approved laboratory.  Our inks are also certified to be green.  So what are you waiting for? Go check out our range of stationery, décor and gifting products and send them to your near and dear ones, NOW!  Until then, we’re adding more innovative products to our kitty and adding more tech to make your online experience near to real, so come right back!

About our Founder

An art lover by birth, a Chartered Accountant by choice and an Entrepreneur by chance – this most aptly describes our founder, Diya Nalwaya.

As a child, she loved anything arts or crafts and was always found with her paints and a brush.  Be it a greeting card or a face (literally), she would paint it all!  And then as they say – LIFE happened and so did CA.

With a rich experience of almost 8 years in the corporate world, she embarked upon her entrepreneurial journey with Jupiter Branding Solutions to promote eco-friendly printing media in the advertisement sector and diversified into printable media for the home décor segment and more.  What started off as a stress buster from the usual work, culminated into a full-fledged enterprise  –  Canvas Design Co.